This  Bendable Spoon & Fork is part of a range of user friendly cutlery that features a shaft that can be twisted and bent to create the optimum angle for eating. Its chunky, ridged rubber handle makes it ideally suited for use by anyone with reduced grip strength.

The product is designed specifically for those person who have:

1. insufficient holding strength

2. arthritis

3. hand or arm mobility problem



Free moving neck

  • The neck is adjustable by hands - front to back, left to right. This free movement allow the user to set the optimum shape for eating. The use of left or right hand will not be a problem.

Handle with two bumps - best fit for hand

  • Two smoothly shaped bumps are located on the back of the grip to provide a comfortable and slip free grip.

Light and thick grip

  • The grips has a soft grip touch and smoothness. It is made fro an expanded polypropylene. It is heat and shock resistant.

Easy dining head shape

Material is heat and shock resistant, can stand up to 85 degree C.


Size : 205 x 23mm

Weight : ~ 43 gm

Material : handle expanded polypropylene, high grade stainless steel