Fall detect Medical Alert Systems

Automatic Fall Detect Medical Alert Systems PD139

Automatic Man Down Detect Personal Alarm PD139

Water proof 2 ways speakerphone medical alert alarm.


This unique home medical alert is best for empty nest elderly who lives alone and independently. It allows the elderly to make emergency call through the pressing of the big panic button of the device. No external alarm monitoring service is required and no monthly fees. SOS call is made direct to friends and family. 


Automatic fall detect 2 ways speakerphone life alert systems PD139 - making SOS call when elderly falls
Fall Down detection PERS



  • Automatic making SOS emergency call when fall (or man down) is detected (there is no fool proof system in market yet).
  • Or simply press the BIG SOS panic button to make the emergency call
  • SOS call will continue until some one picks up the call. The device will detect if receiving party is answering machine or voice mail (P.S. this detection will fail if the telephone operator changes to a strange ring tone e.g. music)
  • Automatic speakerphone mode and voice announcement for status (e.g. SOS is calling)
  • 2 ways speakerphone pendant allows end user to talk through the pendant during emergency or normal phone talk.
  • Waterproof pendant allows end user to carry the pendant even in bath room
  • Very simple to use : only 1 big button for making emergency call and 1 small button for cancel
  • End user never needs to worry if he is within the workable range as the device will give the voice alert if out of range.
  • End user does not need to concern if the pendant is running of battery as it will give the voice alert for low battery.
  • Back up battery compartment on base charging unit allows the device to install rechargeable battery to ensure the device works if there is power shut down.
  • Besides lanyard, belt clip and wrist watch strap accessories are options for end user.


One of the great benefit for this unique medical alert alarm is man down detection. According to market research, over 80% home accident for elderly is "fall" and over 50% happens in bath room.


When the pendant detects a fall, it will give the pre-alert alarm. End user can cancel the alarm by shaking the pendant or pressing the small button. If there is no reaction from end user, the pendant will make the SOS emergency alarm call according to the pre-set telephone numbers. 



- 3 preset SOS emergency numbers

- Fall detection : automatic dialing SOS numbers when fall is detected

- 2 ways speakerphone pendant

- 100% water proof (IP57) pendant

- Digital voice communication (DECT) technology

- Voice prompt for end users (maximum 3 languages)

   English, French, Dutch, German, Spanish, Croatia, Chinese

- Detects voice mail or answering machine for receiving party

- Allow end user to pick up incoming call (or set DO NOT DISTURB)

- Low battery alert

- Wireless communication lost alert

- Dialing keyboard for making any telephone call

- Back up battery compartment

- Pills alarm

- Standby time around 5 days (low battery alert starts around 2-3 days)

- Charging time around 2 hours

- Li Polymer 500mAH battery (UL approved)

- 110V or 220V AC power adaptor (CE, ETL or 3C approved)

- Lanyard for carrying pendant

- Belt clip and wrist watch strap accessories (optional)



Questions and Answers

Q: Is man down detection fool proof?

A: There is no fool proof man down or fall detection in market yet. False alarm is inevitable. The device will not be able to give alarm under certain conditions. The company believes fall detection personal emergency response system even it is non fool proof is still better and more beneficial to elderly.


Q: Can end user sleep with the pendant?

A: No. We expect end user to charge the pendant during sleeping. When the pendant is flat, it will give the alarm.


Q: What if there is a false alarm?

A: Just press the small button to cancel the alarm.


Q: Can end user take shower with the pendant?

A: Technically yes as the pendant is IP57 water proof. However, hot water and soap will degrade the water proof capability.


Q: What is the range of pendant from the base?

A: 200m in open space and 40m indoor (depends on actual condition). When the pendant is out of range, the pendant will give the voice announcement.


Q: How can we know there is no battery capacity?

A: There is LED flashing and voice announcement.


Q: What is the battery life?

A: Normally, Li-Polymer battery can last for around 1-2 years. Customer can buy additional battery from us.


Q: Is there any monthly fee?

A: The 3 SOS emergency number can be set to any numbers for family members or friends. Hence, there is no monthly fee.


Q: What if the preset number is busy?

A: The device will continue to call all preset numbers until it is successfully connected.


Q: What will happen if there is incoming call during SOS call?

A: SOS call is top priority and all incoming call will be blocked.


Q: What is the quality of voice communication?

A: The device is using worldwide accepted and most popular digital DECT technology. The sound quality is among the best available today for voice communication.


Installation and initial set up

Patent & Certification

Patent No.

ZL 2011 3 0075095.0

ZL 2011 2 0350181.2