Chopstick for Disabled and Seniors

Handmade Adult training wooden chopsticks

100% natural wood and handmade chopstick gift set for disabled or elderly. Excellent for people who have mobility problem.

Wood chopstick
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Brand : Senior ICare


The streamline and engineered designed help elderly easily grab food with less effort, ideal for people with limited hand function. The chopstick is hinged nicely with natural wood,  help elderly with powerful grip. 

The chopstick material was made with bamboo, 100% nature and environmental friendly.


Beautiful to have, beautiful to use.


Elegant, craftsmanship, noble




With all over natural grain and calligraphy etched on the handles, this pair of chopsticks looks exceptionally aesthetic. Specially designed with a hinge at the tip, this utilitarian chopstick allows you to hold food or pick food up hassle-free. Present in an oriental style case, this pair of chopsticks makes a perfect gift set for the parent you love.

  • Material: natural wood (case), bamboo (chopsticks).
  • Japanese style chopsticks.
  • Elegant design in vintage Japanese style.
  • All over natural wood
  • Adorned with calligraphy on the handles
  • Hinge for holding chopsticks easily.
  • Ensures users can use the chopsticks without difficulty.
  • Suitable for elderly or arthritis sufferer.
  • Case for extra cleanliness and hygiene.
  • Present in an oriental style case.

Also available in Amazon or HKTDC (Hong Kong Trade Development Council).

Chopstick for disabled and seniors
Chopstick for seniors / elderly and disabled
Adult training chopsticks
Foreigner using chopstick without problem, no need learning
Adaptive eating utensils
Product Dimension

Product Specification:

 Length ~ 22 cm x 2 x 2

 Weight: 50 gram

 Materials: bamboo for chopstick,  natural wood for cover / case


Usage (for example : right hand)

① Put the "chopstick" on the middle finger like a grip on the pen and hold it with the thumb and index finger marking the part (yellow part) where the thumb is placed.  

② Please lightly move with your forefinger and thumb so that you can pinch.


Handling Precautions

· Avoid using it in dishwasher, dryer, microwave etc. 

· Do not add excessive force. 

· It is for dinning purpose. Please do not use for cooking.