Senior Care product lines


1.  Medical Alert Systems (no monthly fee)

Medical alert systems or medical alert alarm is referring to an alarm system which can initiate an alarm to a dedicated personnel during emergency situation (according to Wikipedia). Existing products in the market are mainly with monitoring services. 


The company has 2 products in medical alert systems for emergency purpose, one traditional home fixed line version (PD139) and one mobile version (EC7000).

Both products are particularly good for empty nest (people who live alone and independently from their family). A large portion of the empty nest do not require 7x24 call monitoring center services. The choice in the market is limited. Our products do not demand monitoring center. It calls our own friends and family if needed, and use the product as a normal communication device. Hence, no monthly fee, no contract and no hidden cost


Landline version is developed for home use. It uses the market mature digital wireless technology - DECT. Man down or fall detect alarm system offers much better protection as it gives us additional protection and independence. We understand the system is not perfect but we believe the device offers a better option for elderly during emergency (even though false alarm is inevitable). With today's technology, there is still no fool proof fall detect system yet. End user can turn off the fall detection of the device. The device includes lanyard, belt clip and wrist watch strap accessories for end user's choice. 


Mobile version is a lot more than a basic cell phones for seniors. It has all the characteristics of the market senior mobile phone.

- SOS emergency red button

- big button, large keypad

- large LCD


In addition, it is specifically designed for remote monitoring and control by means of GPS tracking technology. It allows end users to monitor the location remotely, geo-fencing, event management (e.g. pills taking reminder), modify SOS numbers, modify fast dialing numbers, turn on and off the man down detection, remaining battery capacity, if the phone is charging etc. Integration with 7x24 monitoring center is an option. This is important and cater for the needs of very old person and /or with health problem. The product is one of the first and best senior GSM which gets Verkilzan telecare certification in Holland.

2. Tools for Assisted Living


What looks easy for the young do not mean the same for us. Due to the physical degeneration, most seniors (in particular those with arthritis) needs help and support. Various small tools can make elderly life easier and live independently.

- Eating aid utensils

- Bathing aids

- Vision aids

- Walking aids


3. Osteoarthritis insoles


According to Center of Disease Control (US data), arthritis is more common among adults with age over 65. It is also more common among woman (24.3%) than man (18.7%). Statistics further shows :


No. of American being diagnosed with arthritis - 50 million

No. of adults with osteoarthritis (OA) - 27 million

Percent of femage with arthritis - 25.9%

Percent of male with arthritis - 18.3%


Senior Care Group is offering a series of OA insoles for senior which can help to release some of the pains caused by knee.