Cell phones for seniors with GPS


GPS tracking device for Elderly - Emergency cell phone for seniors EC7000


No monthly fee, no contract.

Monitored only by your friends and family.


  • Allow remote monitoring and control the elderly end user.
  • Allow GPS tracking on demand or on regular intervals.
  • Provides 3 modes for activating SOS by end user - pressing RED emergency button, or remote panic button, or man down detection.
  • One panic button (at the back) to activate SOS even the phone is in power off status. This gives the most valuable time to help the elderly during emergency. One minute can determine life and death.
  • Automatic speakerphone under SOS mode. This gives the elderly better communicate under emergency.
  • GPS location will be sent to either server (if connected to the service) or SMS on a regular interval during SOS mode.
  • Geo-fencing capability can help to give better comfort and allows elderly to stay more independently.
  • Offer better safety protection to elderly during emergency - the device will connect to the server, or send by SMS, and voice dialing.
  • Very simple to use by elderly - lock up menu, and all SOS settings is password protected.
  • All SOS settings are controlled and modified either by server (if connected to the service) or SMS.
  • All SOS numbers, SOS SMS numbers and fast dialing numbers, fall detection on/off can be programmed remotely either by server (if connected to the service) or SMS.
  • Amber color LCD offers the best contrast to elderly.
  • HAC compatible allows end user using the phone with hearing aid without problem.
  • Customer can easily monitor the remaining battery capacity, power on/off, charging or unplug of the device (and hence elderly) remotely.
  • Big fonts (include SMS) allow elderly to read menu and messages easily.
  • Backlight keypad allows end user to make call under dim light environment.


  • Dual band GSM (900/1800MHz - EU frequency) mobile phone with GPS
  • GPRS class 10
  • Bluetooth version 2.1 for headset
  • Built in motion sensor
  • vibrator
  • FM radio
  • 2.2" TFT QCIF+ LCD, resolution 220x176
  • backlight keypad
  • desktop charger
  • 869MHz remote panic button (comply to EN300220)with built in CR2032 battery 
  • 7 Languages with input method: English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese. Separate Chinese version.  
  • 1050mAh Li-Ion battery
  • Around 7 hours talk time.
  • Standby time around 24 hours when the device is sending GPS location every 15 minutes.
  • Talk time around 360 mins
  • Charging time 3 hours
  • 2.5mm mini jack
  • Micro USB charging port
  • 128M bit Flash
  • 32M bit RAM
  • no external memory card slot
  • 220V AC power adaptor (CE approved - UK or EU or China version)
  • Comply to Verkilzan UMO certification



1. Is GPS always available?

GPS is a common technology. It uses the satellite to provide GPS location. Hence, the GPS signal will determine if the data can be accurately being transmitted. Weather condition, power lines and buildings etc. can affect the GPS signal. 


2. Can we get the GPS in indoor environment?

For any location especially indoor, which does not have the GPS signal (or weak signal), location can only be obtained via cell ID technology or Wi-Fi hub. This is an approximation and accuracy is lower. Our current product EC7000 does not included this cell ID nor Wi-Fi.


3. How long it takes to get the GPS location?

It depends on the GPS signal. If the device is continuous under tracking, it is much faster - we call this "hot start". When the device getting the GPS location first time, it takes longer time as it needs to scan all the GPS satellite signal. Some smart phone can speed up the scanning process by so called "AGPS" technology. This is in fact using the pre-determined satellite data instead of 100% scanning.


4. How secure is the man down or fall detection?

In today's technology, there is still no foolproof man down detection system. Human's motion is a complicated process. Our fall detection system is an additional help to end user.


5. When SOS is cancelled?

When SOS alarm is being activated, it will continue until the SOS panic button is being turned off.


6. Can end user cahnge the SOS parameters setting?

SOS setting has password control. Hence, it is unlikely for end user to enter the SOS setting menu and change the setting.


Patent & Certification


ZL 2011 2 0285692.0

ZL 2011 3 0027453.0