Orthotic (OA) Insole


No doubt, we have to consult the medical doctor when we have the osteoarthritics, especially with scale 4 stage. For minor problem (e.g. Scale 1 and 2), we can help ourselves by using today's technology.



Our orthotic insole is designed to support the arches of the foot. A lateral heel wedge promotes the valgus position of the calcaneous, which in turn has a positive effect on the tracking of the kneee during the loading phase. As a result, adduction moments are reduced in the kneee joint itself. In other words, from a medical point of view, orthotic insole can reduce the destruction of cartilage and relieve knee pain for those suffering from mild knee osteoarthritis.

OA insole structure - triple layer system

Top layer

  • Nano material with effective moisture wicking properties

Middle layer

  • Unique freeflex memory foam with bamboo charcoal that adapts to the contours of your foot when warmed by body temperature.

Base layer

  • New curEVA material in a unique cage construction maximizing air flow while providing state of art cushioning. The cage wall varies in thickness and alignment to aid capture and control of movement.


  • 3 Dimensional Biomechanics System (DBS)

3 DBS sits beneath the arch, respects all the biomechanical planes in which the foot articulates.The 3BDS not only accomodates the arch height but also motion and force. The 3DBS differs in stiffness, shape and responsiveness dependant on arch height and body weight.

  • Auto Fit heel cup

3D anatomical shape of damping sheet fits with heel bone. This maintains feel fat accumulatin, avoids dispeersin of fat extension and strengthens the heel shock absorption.

  • Metatarsal cushion

Strategically placed beneath the forefoot, this extra cushioning protects your metatarsal head during the impact or propulsive phases of the gait.


Foot science is not simple. Before choosing any insole, we have to understand our "leg" type - bow leg, elongated leg or knock knee". And we also need to know our own foot print - flat foot, low arch foot, neutral foot, or high arch foot.