Adaptive eating utensils for elderly - Angled Spoon

Adaptive utensils - Right handed or left handed angled spoon

45 degree twisted and curved spoon head allows user not to bend wrist while eating. Ideal for adult with arthritis and mobility problem.

Angled spoon
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Brand : Senior ICare

Product features

Mother's day / Father’s day is coming. Have we noticed that our parent is difficult to eat using normal utensil like baby?

Angled utensils / Curved Spoon set for children or elderly 

✅This Japan design angled cutlery is specially designed for elderly (and baby) who has difficulty to feed with regular utensil. The angled spoon head allows seniors not to twist the wrist too much.

✅ Special design in Japan with various details. Typically used by people with disabilities such as Parkinson's disease, arthritis, post-stoke recovery, physical disabilities, tremors or grasping difficulties. Adaptive eating utensils have angle to enhance grip.

✅Metal or plastic? Light weight PP plastic is safer for elderly (and baby's) delicate teeth and insulates heat - SAFE. Majority of baby in Japan only uses plastic for safety. 

✅Right handed angled spoon for self-feeding, left handed for one who feeds, or vice-versa.

Material: Polypropylene 

Size: 7” length 

Weight: 0.5 oz each

Color: milky white

It is possible for spoon to get coloration if the spoon is in touch of color liquid (e.g. tomato sauce). It is still safe.

Ergonomic design in Japan


Option:Right handed or Left handed.