Can OA insoles really help?

A proper designed orthotics (OA) insole can help to correct our walking posture to reduce burden of our knee. Hence, the symptom will be released and degeneration will be delayed.


OA insole is using the principle of bio-mechanic which can be explained in diagram shown below. It is a better choice than Glucosamine. It is drug free. It takes time to have the result and release pain (for those with scale 1 & 2). 

Those with knee osteoarthritis:

  • More knee adduction moment.
  • Medical compartment of knoee joint space narrowing.
  • Lead to medial compartment of knee cartilage abrasion, inflammation and pain.


After wearing orthotics insole,

  • Correct the dynamic knee alignment (tibial femoral angle become smaller).
  • Decrease knee adduction moment.
  • Increaes medial compartment of knee joint space.
  • Decreaes the damage of medial cartilage and relieve pain.

Insole is not generic and suit for everyone. Before selection, we have to understand our own leg axis or shape, and foot print pattern.  See below. Striaght leg and medium arch are normal.





The next step is to determine the size of foot. We can use the scale shown on the right.

There are various types of material being used in the market. The most common one are :

  • Silicone. This can help to release pressure in short term because it does not support the bio-mechanical correction.
  • High density foam. This demand the support of shoe manufacturer. However, it is difficult for factory to take care of different leg shape and foot print.
  • Fully customized footpad. This is the best but most expensive option.